Interactive hardware and collaboration software for any environment.

Founded in 2008, based in Austin, TX, USA, TouchIT Technologies designs and manufactures innovative touch-based interactive products for use in both Education and Corporate environments under the TouchIT Technologies brandname as well as under various OEM brands throughout the world.

TouchIT began life as a manufacturer of interactive whiteboards. We developed what we beleive was the world’s first touch-based enamel steel interactive whiteboard, a format which was emulated by many manufacturers around the world. The TouchIT Board was sold in over 30 countries world wide and over 20K units were sold before it went end of life in 2015.

Today, TouchIT concentrates on the manufacture of Interactive Flat Panels. In 2017 we’ve launched our 5th generation of the product which has become a firm favourite with schools, colleges and business around the World.

On the software side of things, TouchIT has its own App Store ( a native App Store App for Android, as well as being the designer and owner of the Contribute family of annotation tools and content delivery platform.

Interactive LED Displays

Interactive LEDs give you full mouse control of your PC or MAC from the large LED touch screen. Control any application that is running on your computer and use our software to annotate, save and more…

Contribute Cloud

Contribute Cloud Software enables content delivery, collaboration, Casting and Multi-Casting all through a FREE cloud-based platform.

Simply add your content, share it with your students or colleagues and they are able to collaborate with you – all through a browser.

Contribute Signage

Digital Signage is helping change the ways in which we communicate – it allows schools and businesses to reach their students and staff and customers with up to date, consistent and relevant messages, instantly.

TouchIT Fusion 2

The Interactive Table, Easel and LED is the ideal 3-in-1 product for group work and cluster group learning in K-12 educational environments.

BalanceBox Mounts

Is every teacher the same height? Is every student the same height? Is every one of your colleagues in a meeting the same height? The answer is of course no! Therefore, how do you choose the optimal height to mount your TouchIT LED? This is why you need BalanceBox