Creating the future with the spirit of innovation.

BARIX is a skills-based company offering expertise in leading-edge, IP- based communications and control technology. The company is based in Zurich/Switzerland and specialises in the research, development and production of system components for applications in Pro Audio, Security and Automation.

Barix AG was founded in 2001 in Zürich, Switzerland. Within a short time the company has grown into an established world wide organization that distributes its technology over a network of authorized resellers.

AudioPoint 3.0​

 AudioPoint 3.0 is based on a brand-new hardware platform which can stream live audio over various WiFi-routers to the cellphones of 250 users as unicast stream. The solution provides single-channel or multi-channel support and lists the channel selection on the free available IOS and Android app.


IP Intercom and paging codec devices for bidirectional transmission of high quality audio, contact closures and serial data over IP networks.


Audio over IP devices for high quality audio streaming and control over IP networks. The Exstreamer IP Audio products are embedded, reliable, IP-enabled audio streaming devices which can be used in applications such as local and internet-based IP music distribution systems...

IP Audio module

Versatile embedded IP Audio module for OEM applications


Multiprotocol Audio over IP encoder with linel evel analog input (stereo), serial port, low latency, PCM G.711 and MP3 encoding


Improve the quality of a received RTP stream by adding error resilience to IP-based studio to transmitter STL and studio to studio links.