Bose ShowMatch expanding footprint in South Africa

Alpha Technologies have recently delivered a second Bose ShowMatch DeltaQ system to Magico SA. Magico SA is a production company based in Gauteng that specialises in Sound, Stage and AV for live events and now owns a total of 78 Bose ShowMatch DeltaQ boxes.

Ruan Vermaak, owner of Magico SA was asked what clients enjoy about the Bose ShowMatch system and also what makes Bose Different? Vermaak responded ”Bose ShowMatch is a very versatile system and can cater for many different events by swapping out only waveguides. The way the system sounds and the way we are able to get around get acoustically challenging spaces with the DeltaQ technology makes it perfect for the market.”

Sound of
the future

From small ground-stacked setups in modest venues to outdoor music festivals and arena-scale events, ShowMatch DeltaQ systems can be found all around the world in a variety of sound reinforcement applications. ShowMatch loudspeakers deliver outstanding vocal clarity with consistent frequency response and sound pressure level across a defined coverage area. And with integrated DeltaQ technology you can ensure consistent performance across the entire audience area at any venue.

Adaptable and scalable, ShowMatch loudspeakers are the ideal solution for rental and staging market applications. When an event calls for lower SPL capabilities in a more compact format, simply build a smaller ShowMatch array with the same vertical coverage as larger, higher-powered ShowMatch setups.