It’s time to take back your meetings.

Does the scenario below sound familiar?

It’s Wednesday morning and time for the weekly status update with your company’s largest customer. After 30 minutes of crowding around the conference phone struggling to hear and understand what’s being said —stress levels start to rise. At the one-hour mark, everyone is tired. Trying to decipher clipped speech and ignore that constant echo is exhausting.

This scenario plays out daily in the corporate workplace. Conference calls are  infamous for poor audio and lack of productivity. That’s about to change. With the right equipment in place you can meet the challenges that plague most conference calls.

Meeting these challenges requires some an understanding of audio terminology and room design. It sounds daunting, but Biamp can help. Our Beamtracking microphones are easy to install and come pre-configured, right out of the box. The result is superior audio that allows everyone on the call to be heard.